“Rubin” Trade House was established in 1993. The company specializes in the wholesale and retail trade high-quality tea, coffee and healthy food.

Product range

The basis of the product range of the company is formed by high-quality tea and coffee brands, which belong to the company or are exclusively distributed by “Rubin” Trade House in the whole territory of Russia except Far Eastern Federal District.

We give a priority to the tea which is packed in Sri Lanka, India or China. Such tea in our specialists’ opinion preserves its good quality and taste much better and brings the unique aroma of a tea garden to the consumer. “Rubin” TH gets flavoured teas form Germany.

“Rubin” TH is the exclusive Russian distributor of the tea brands: ‘Shere”, “Qualitea”, “Mabroc”, “Fresh Tea”, “Birds of Ceylon”, “Cha Bao”, “Best from Sea of Tea”, “Favorites from sea of tea, Vijaya. The company has exclusive rights to distribute “Nargis”, “Tea Tang”, “Zylanica”, Betford, Ivan tea Kupechesky branded teas in the North-Western Federal District of Russia.

Moreover “Rubin” TH is an official distributor of some other tea and coffee brands: Ceylon - “Basilur”, “Tipson”, “Dolce Vita”, “Hayton”, India – “From the top 2 leaves”, Georgia – “Gurieli”, Krasnodar - “Mazesta”, China - “Tyan Gen”, Gift tea - “Hilltop”, Herbal tea - “Vitacenter”, “Kofeinya na payah” (Coffeehouse on shares), Nikitin, Svay and others.

We have a wide range of freshly roasted coffee “Madeo” and others brend coffee, produced by French, Swiss, Italian and Colombian factories. “Rubin” TH works with large Russian high-quality coffee manufacturers including “Coffee House on Shares”.

“Sea of Health” assortment includes various extra virgin oils: linseed, sunflower, cedar, pumpkin seed and walnut oil, non-alcoholic balsams made with herbal potions, apiculture products and others.

Wholesale trade

“Rubin” TH delivers it’s products, particularly tea, to 500 shops in St.Petersburg and also to many shops that are situated in Leningrad and Novgorod regions at 250 kilometres' distance from St.Petersburg. There is a regional department in “Rubin” TH which has permanent representatives or buyers in Archangelsk, Vologda, Murmansk, Novgorod, Pskov region, in Komi and Karelia and many other cities of Russia. Our distributors in Moscow are Galaktika, Vostok, Tarpan and other companies.

“Rubin” TH is looking for partners all over Russia. “Rubin” can offer everyone who wishes to sell quality tea to join the company on mutually advantageous conditions.

Net of "Sea of tea" branded shops.

Together with the wholesale company “Rubin” Trade House there is a "Sea of Tea" shops network. Today there are 50 shops in the net. The square of trade halls is 15-50 m2. "Sea of Tea" shops have a full range of teas from "Rubin" Trade House and including elite bulk teas from China , India, Ceylon and Germany, fruit and herbal teas, hibiscus, roibos and mate. There is a wide range of tea accessories and tea in gift packages. High-qualified sales people work in the shops. Different promotional activities are permanently carried out and customers have an opportunity to win a prize or a gift upon purchase.

“Rubin” TH also supplies the other branded tea stores in many cities in the North-Western region and some others with the major part of our assortment.

“Rubin” TH is looking for partners to open “Sea of Tea” branded tea shops in Russia on the term of franchising. Standard form contract is presented in the website.

International tea center and Tea Culture Club

International tea center and Tea Culture Club is situated on Fontanka emb., 91.

Here works only one in Russian shopping and tasting room Ceylon tea. Today there sold 15 brands of Ceylon tea packed in Sri Lanka. Here continuously from 10 am to 10 pm tasting of tea one of the brands of Ceylon tea.

The great collection of elite Chinese manual twisted high-quality teas is represented in the Club. The tea hall is opened every day, where elite types of tea are sold. Everyone can enjoy a tea ceremony, the tea is made by certified tea masters. A special tea school is organized in the Club. More than 500 people have already graduated from the school and received special diplomas.

We invite all tea lovers to visit our Tea Culture Club. Advance booking: tel. (812)310-36-98.

“Sea of tea” Newspaper

“Sea of tea” Newspaper is an informational and advertising edition. Its official circulation is 120 thousand copies. The newspaper comes out every 2 months. It is being distributed in “Sea of Tea” shops, among all wholesale clients, in supermarkets, business centers, at the exhibitions and underground stations. Newspaper is published since 2005. At the end on 2016 79 issues were published.

School of art of trading

It is a school where sales people of “Sea of Tea” shops are taught of art of trading. The studies are held in St.Petersburg on Fontanka emb., 91 and in some other cities of Russia.

Подарочная коллекция
Коллекция Санкт-Петербург
Коллекция пригороды СПб
Зимняя коллекция
Ароматизированные чаи
Храмы и монастыри
Голден Типс (Golden Tips)
Кволити (Qualitea)
Купеческий иван-чай
Маброк (Mabroc)
Птицы Цейлона (Birds of Ceylon)
Подарочные наборы
Сабро (Sabro)
Свежий чай (Fresh tea)
Шери (Shere Tea)
Ча Бао (Cha Bao)
Кофе Aromus
ИМЧ (весовой чай)
Индийский чай
Птицы Цейлона (весовой чай)
Цейлонский чай Маброк (Mabroc)
Немецкий чай Анрайз (Anreiz)
Анрайз Р (Anreiz R)
Китайский чай Ча Бао (Cha Bao)
Весовой Иван чай (Ivan tea)
Бионика (травы ягоды и фрукты)
Аксессуары для продажи наразвес чая и кофе
Посуда из глины "Ча Бао"
Посуда из дерева "Ча Бао"
Посуда из стекла "Ча Бао"
Посуда из фарфора "Ча Бао"
Бетфорд (BETFORD)
Зиланика (ZYLANICA)
Наргис (Nargis)
Ти Тэнг (Tea Tang)
Базилур (Basilur)
Голден Эра
Гуриели (Gurieli) Грузия
Дольче Вита (Dolce Vita)
Монарх (Monarch)
Типсон (TIPSON)
Хилтоп (HILLTOP)
Витацентр – травяной чай
Картэ Дэ Оро (CARTE de ORO)
Мадео (MADEO)
Моск. кофейня на паях
Chainka EVS Coffee
Эсмеральда (Esmeralda)
Бионик (травы, ягоды и фрукты)
Иван-чай "Горчаковский"
Чайный напиток "Иван чай"
Льняные каши и семя льна
Масляный Король (масла)
Сибирская масляная компания
Бальзамы "Сиб-Крук"
Цикорий "Альвера"
Цикорий Экологика
Ягодный чай
Ячменные напитки
Крипсы яблочные